Japan LA Event: Kitties and Ice Cream

I attended the Japan LA event tonight and it was fun! The theme was kitties and ice cream so you can dress up as either cats or crazy cat lover person. lol.
There was The Creamery truck serving Pancake flavored ice cream with bacon served on waffle bowl! My friend Gen tried it has love it!
There was also The Grilled Cheese truck and of course, right when it parked people were already lining up! I was really glad to see so many people has attended this event and I saw some nice costumes ^^

Here is my costume of the night! I used my Zidane cosplay wig, Konoe ears an tail, and Sakura shirt lol. I handmade my overall, hat, wrist cuffs and leg warmers! Burned my fingertip tho from heat gun... D:
Some of the contestants! Couldn't get everyone's pic... It was so crowded!
Prize that I received for winning the Best Cat costume contest! This purse is AMAZING!!!
I gotta say, this is the best prize I've ever gotten from a contest!

Stuff that I bought at the event: Angry nurse version plush, kitty phone charm and an awesome jacket.

For being the first 50 person to be at the event,
I got a goodie bag for spending at least $10 ^^

Hello Kitty!!!

Hehe, I thought this was so cool... A Gloomy Vader helmet!
And some of my favorite art at the event!

FanimeCon 2011

Finally, I can upload my pics from Fanime ^^
It was really fun and just like last yr, I had a good time.
I noticed that there were less cosplayers this yr tho D:
And instead of Lollicup, the drink kiosk this yr was Jumba Juice.
Most of my time was spent sitting at the Artist Alley with Geekyglamorous.
It was our first launch of Ame Hoshi!
We did better than we expected so I'm really happy!!!
We actually sold out on couple things OAo;
Enough said, here are pics I took at Fanime!

Artist Alley:

This year there were about 135 full tables! When we walked in to sign up it was completely empty but it soon got filled with bunch of awesome art!

Ame Hoshi table! Glitter makes everything beautiful! hehe

Geekyglamorous and myself in kingu~!!! Geekyglamorous in her Stitch outfit with hibiscus decorations! Adorable~~~~~~ !!!
There was a table selling Pokemon made from pipe cleaners!
They were adorable but a bit out of my price range...
I really wanted the Umbreon one ...

Guestbook signed by many lovely people!
Thank you to those who have taken their time to sign our guestbook!
And to those who have stopped by our table!

Swap Meet:

Was waiting in line getting our stuff checked so I decided to take a pic of the area before it got all over crowded. lol
And sure enough it got really packed... But it's much smaller this year and also,
the spaces we got

We were so tired after the Swap Meet and it's so hot in the kigu D:
Took a nice refreshing shower afterwards and drank
some really cold Japanese iced tea!

Day 2: Pokemon Trainers

For Day 2 we cosplayed as Pokemon Trainers.
Myself as Lyra and Geekyglamorous as Hilda!

I hate that my overall makes me look fat =__=

Hilda met Luna from Harry Potter :D

Hilda is gonna have some battles!

Sorry N, but Hilda was stronger!

At 3 I had to go to FF13 Photoshoot so I changed into my Hope cosplay!
My bf took these pics but I'm looking forward to the ones
Shibuya and WinterWish took!
Lightning: Steph
Vanille: Callesto's friend (forgot name...)
Fang: Callesto
Hope: Me
Sazh: Mkamzng1
Serah: Artisticpsyco
Jihl: Kristen

We chillin' :D
Lightning mad D:

We later met with WinterWish for 2nd photoshoot.

Yeaaaaa we didn't know what to do... We all just look so confused lol

After I check up on the table at the Artist Alley, a group of FF13 found me!
Apparently there weren't ANY Hope at the FF13 Gathering OAo;

And then we expanded lol

This is Jessica's pic.
"The Promise" with Hope and Vanille ^^

Day 3: Lolita Panel

Thank you Courtney, Courtney, Mandie and Giovanna for hosting the Lolita Panel!
It was great!

Fashion Show Models:

Gothic: Fabienne, Chobi, Marisol, Ashley
Aristocrat: Joel, Lindsey
Pirate: Julia, Alisa
Kodona: Me!
Shiro + Kuro: Amy, Kris, Victoria
Qi: Elaina
Ero: Ashley
Guro: Lauren
OTT Sweet: Kitsey, Lindsey
Sweet: Ashley, Joanne
Classic: Christine, Elyse
Country: Simone
Casual: Kaylee, Tog
Sailor: Allegra
Hime: Liz

I hope I didn't miss anyone D:

Video of the Fashion Show can be seen here:

She remembered me from PMX lol
She's so adorable!
It was tempting to buy the h.Naoto USA's coffin purse...
I met Gashicon!!! She's so adorable!

Geekyglamorous and I were starved after the panel D:
So we decided to go to Japanese Restaurant!
This sushi name made me lawl!
And this sign tricked me... I thought it was Game Stop D:
My bf took a close up of my hand made crown :D


Aqua from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
She's in my cosplay to do list as well lol
Booster Gold and Blue Beetle from DC Comics!

Celes from Final Fantasy. Lovely!
Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Another Ciel Phantomhive cosplay :D

I always love seeing Code Geass cosplay!
Representing Dragon Age 2!
OMG! Felynes!
Flynn with a frying pan lol
Wanted: Flynn
This made Geekyglamorous and my day! Garrus!!!
It's Goldust!!! Never thought I'd see a cosplay of him!
It's amazing!
Ever been on Haunted Mansion at Disneyland? :D
Awesome Len!
Lingering Sentiment Terra!
Amazing Nia cosplay from Gurren Lagan!
omg, i LOVE this! Very unique!
Panty and Stocking cosplay!
Princess Azula from Avatar:The Last Airbender
Quailman will save you!
Cute Rin cosplay!
Rin and Len from Daughter of Evil
Rydia from Final Fantasy 4!
Yep, they're always around but I never get tired of seeing them lol
Lovely Vierra!
I thought this was from White Knight Chronicle but...
Can someone help me? :(
It's such a well-made cosplay!
Zelda Gathering!
I bought Gloomy Bunny! (and tied its ears) lol
Also bought a Garrus keychain from neighboring table!
Bought one for Geekyglamorous too!
Ok, they seriously need a Saren one... Just saying...

Drive Back:

On the way back we all decided to stop by Sonic since we've never ate there!
Yea... I didn't feel all that great after eating this... lol
But it was nice to at least try!
Julian's 1ft long chili cheese hot dog.... wow...

Fanime trip was really fun!
I'm really looking forward to next year's Fanime.

Now I gotta make my costume for Japan LA event taking place this Sat...
Then it's Lolita Picnic O_o;
And my birthday party eventually somewhere in June lol
Then time to make AX and AM2 costumes!!!
Man, gonna be busy~~~~

Tune in Tokyo Punk/Pop アイドルイベント

Geekyglamorousと一緒に昨日 Tune in Tokyo's Punk/Pop Idol event @ Royal/T へ行ってきました~ ^^
Hollyのh.Naoto ドレス欲しい!


ファッションコンテスト一位とっちゃった! OA0
私の名前"Eyepatch"だって! lol
Sex Pot Reventのシャツ, Gl!tter 雑誌をもらった!

目のメイク クロスアップ~ ^^

Pokemon Handmade! ポケモン アクセサリー


Please visit AmeHoshi on Etsy!

We currently have few Poke Pals up!

Pokemon Pals





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