Making of: Hope's Boomerang

Since Im cosplaying as Hope Estheim from FF13,
of course I have to have his boomerang :D
So first, I made a paper cut out of how I want the boomerang to be. There are 2 cut out, one for the bottom and one for the top piece, so that I can make it foldable :D
Then with the cut out, I traced out and cut out the foam pieces :D
2 each to glue them together for thickness :D
Then with a thinner foam, I glued it kinda different... The edge where it's the slicing part, I glued it tight shut where as the other end, I added a hump so that it adds a natural curve on the surface.
Thin, added those pin thingy to hold the two parts together, and also to allow it to fold.
I cut a foam ball in half and glued it on top of the pin (both side)
Then comes the fun and messy part... Spray paint!
Then after drying, I just painted in the details :D
Here is the completed folded pic...
And folded out :D
It was pretty fun making it ^^

Black Butler

omg, im so in love with this outfit...
Black Peace Now, Black Butler inspired outfit.


my Bday

So June 18th was my bday ^^
This year's bday was probably the best for me, thanks to everyone ^^
Got $200 from my mom :D
On the 17, lovely Mandie took me to FIDM Alice fashion gallery, then she treated me to nice lunch at Bottega Louie. It was so delicious!
She surprised me with 2 presents, both in which i ... LOVED!!!! O_O

An adorable hospital themed h.Naoto's Hangry Angry purse!
look! cat ears!!!!

She also got me a yukata style top from Punk Rave XD
I can't believe she remembered I always wanted these!!!
i luv u mandie!!!
The Friday morning as Im getting ready to go to Disneyland, there's a delivery for me from my dear friend all the way from Florida O_O
so sweet of him to send me these!!!
mmm so ... awesome... O_O
I'm in love with it right now!!!
Thank you ouji-sama!! XD
I want these lights in my room... lol
Mandie, LOOK!!!! she even sang!

So obviously... Im in love with Alice theme stuff.... lol
I love eating this while watching Fantasmic!
Took this pic after the Firework show ^^
So on Saturday I went to work, and Naomi drew this for me :D
so cute!
ultra man --- FLASH!!! hahahaha brings me back memories

And then for lunch at work, Ryo-san brought the ingredients and made the sauce, and I put together the spring roll! So delicious!
Then on Saturday after work, my friends and I went to see Toy Story 3. Cried in the movie...
Then my friend Emmi got me these XD
mmm... Hot Topic!
I always love their accessories!
Oooh, and she got me matcha flavored snacks from Japan... omg... I devoured them O_O
Hehe, Monster Hunter Felyne figure!!! Didn't know these existed~!!!
Julian... You're awesome! You'll be more awesome if you play the game *ahem

And apparently, more presents for me are on its way. lol
Thank you everyone for giving me the best bday and simply, thank you for being my friend!
And always being here with me to celebrate my special moments!

E3 2010

Just got back from E3 today ^^
I must admit... I think the line-up of the games are much better than last year's E3!
Really excited and looking forward to lot of the games this year!
Really wanted the Red Fox hat from the Nexon booth tho... lol.
But some people are just crazy when it comes to swag... Very rude too O_o;
Kind of bummed about missing out on the new Gears of War 3 trailer...

Fang, Hope, Shiva and Kingdom Hearts figures at the SquareEnix booth. I was really unhappy that you can only play the FF14 demo thru appointments... Also, keep your eyes open for Kingdom Hearts in 3DS (not sure if it's just remake or not yet) and release of Secret of Mana and FF Tactics: Lion War on iPhone :p

The lines were ridiculous this year at E3... Can't really play anything unless you get there super early in the morning...
The lines at the bottom of the Nintendo booth were to play the new Kirby and Zelda game, while the top was to play demo game on the new Nintendo 3DS. Took a look at the 3DS, very promising!

My friend with the Yosuke-san, the producer of Ninja Gaiden Sigma

This was at the outside hallway of West Hall. Pretty cool!

Red Fraction. you can actually go inside it and take pic, sticking your face out of the mask when it opens!

Cooking at work

I love working on Sundays at work... we cook :3
Ryo-san, always the awesome chef, cooked from scratch even the noodles and seasonings, made three different varieties of pastas today!
and for dessert, i made custard pudding!!! it was delicious!

and for dessert, i made custard pudding!!! it was delicious!

Japan LA 4th Anniversary: Haus of Super Shimmer Event

Mandie and I attended the Japan LA 4th Anniversary tonight in Hollywood!
Tonight's theme was Zoolander so we saw some interesting fashion/ dress up.
It was much smaller than we've expected and the drive there was crazy. Of course, it's Hollywood!
There were some very cute Hello Kitty accessories and other collectables as well.

But my attention went to these cat plushies XD
Gotta admit, these are cute!

Then I saw this Gloomy Bear with a little piyo bird on his little nose!!!
I wanted to get him so bad, but ... I think my bf will say I have too many Gloomies...
(But there's never too many Gloomy Bear!) hehe

Ok, I seriously would love to have this chair in my dining room!

hehe, kind of wanted one. The variety in Hello Kitty ribbons!

Old school perfume cover pics! Hello Kitty,Twin Star, and My Melody. I wish I was able to know how they smell like.

Hello Kitty shoes ^^ love the simplicity.

So after about 40min of staying at the event, Mandie and I left to eat a delicious crepe at KC'S crepe on Lincoln blvd near Otis College ^^
And I got to come home with a cat plushie, who is now named Milky, and put him next to my Baby Gloomy ^^ Yes, I couldn't resist... He was only $8!

My new shirts ^^

Bought 3 news t-shirts this week XD
2 are from Threadless




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